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[Decybas Clans] Nightstone

One of the largest of Decybas clans, and the most well-known across the planet.

They were originally a mischievous clan of pranksters and thieves, though eventually became a large mafia-like organization which rivaled the Valentine clan (A clan of Reptile shapeshifters; Retshifa) and the two had been at war with each other for many years.

The organization at first were presumed evil, due to criminal activities, especially against the Valentine clan (which at the time were protectors) and wanted to vanquish the evil of the Nightstones, but overtime the Valentines had become corrupted, while certain members within the Nightstone clan turned to doing good deeds instead of crime, leading them to be abandoned by the family and fend for themselves.

Due to their reputation, the other Decybas clans would rather not get involved with them or acknowledge them at all with the exception of Cali Nightstone II. Members within other clans risk being disowned by family if they attempt joining the Nightstones.

The Nightstones were the second clan formed in the first years of the species creation.

Current Leader

Ateris Nightstone

Name:  Ateris Nightstone
Gender: Male
Eye Colors: Teal, Green [Iris and Pupil]
Ear type: Medium Ears
Jewel type: Punishment (Color: Sky Blue / Common / Power: Induce dread.)
Weapon: Bladed Whip
Secondary Ability (If applicable): Become the shadows (Nightstone)

Description: Ateris is ruthless, the reason why the Nightstones had become to be known as like a mafia.
He absolutely loathes the Valentine Clan, willing to exterminate anyone of the clan even if they’re outcasted from said clan.
He’s known to be shallow regarding relationships, and keeps a small harem of slaves (which were hostages of various clans or individuals that attempted to challenge the Nightstone clan) for his amusement.
He’s also very emotionally cold, with the only emotion he’d show at any point would be a twinge of irritation if something doesn’t go his way or if something happened to one of his loyal clan members.
Despite this, he does regard the clan as family and keeps them very close, provided they’re loyal to the clan. (He sees Cali’s branch of the family as outcasts and would attack them if he saw them.)

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