CalimonGraal's comics within the dark setting of Fenaur

[Decybas Clans] Ironheart

Nov 06 2017

True to their name, they’re seen with “hearts of steel/iron” due to their immense strength spiritually and mentally. They are the second largest clan, consisting mostly of training to-be soldiers due to their strength. They tend to be very hardy and are usually naturally born with elemental powers, weaker individuals are either sent on missions […]

[Decybas Clans] Nightstone

Nov 05 2017

One of the largest of Decybas clans, and the most well-known across the planet. They were originally a mischievous clan of pranksters and thieves, though eventually became a large mafia-like organization which rivaled the Valentine clan (A clan of Reptile shapeshifters; Retshifa) and the two had been at war with each other for many years. […]