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[Decybas Clans] Ironheart

True to their name, they’re seen with “hearts of steel/iron” due to their immense strength spiritually and mentally. They are the second largest clan, consisting mostly of training to-be soldiers due to their strength. They tend to be very hardy and are usually naturally born with elemental powers, weaker individuals are either sent on missions to train their natural abilities or left behind in a village.

The Ironhearts were the first clan formed in the first years of the species creation.

Current Leader:

Metka Ironheart

Name:  Metka Ironheart
Gender: Male
Eye Colors:  Magenta, Yellow [Iris and Pupil]
Ear type: Medium Ears
Jewel type: Peace (Color: Deep Blue / Common / Power: Induce calmness.)
Weapon: Steel Knuckles
Secondary Ability (If applicable): Shadows infused with another element (Ironheart) (Shadow + Electricity)

Description: He’s a bit rough around the edges and still forgets his own strength, but he has a big heart that wants to protect those in trouble.
He has a friendly rivalry with leader Kett of the Wargem clan, considers him his close friend even though Kett doesn’t show it.
He cracks down hard on troublemakers and anyone threatening to hurt others, especially against members of his clan (Which he deeply cares for).
Some members refer to him as if he’s the “Dad” of the clan rather than a leader.

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